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We are currently closed

We will be re-opening mid July 2017 For our sunflower field and u-pick sunflowers as well as Blueberry picking and wagon rides.  So plan ahead that before beach season comes, come get some yummy berries and beautiful sunflowers.

We will be posting daily hours as the time nears.  Thank You.     

Closed Sundays


2016 Apple Season

Apples are done for the 2016 season!!

Many people have asked why has this season been so short.

Here is our reason:

The buds of an apple tree are made the summer before the picking season.  That means next years apples were made this past June. 

With that in mind...   Last winter we had a few nights when the temperature went to -17 degrees.  This is very cold and it killed many of the apple buds.  So when they began to flower the petals were there but the workings of the bud were already dead.  Then during bloom, we had some more freezing temperatures, this killed some more buds.  In the end we lost about 50-60% of the buds for our apples.  No buds, no apples.  This is why apple season was so short for us.  We hope next year will be better and we can all enjoy a big crop of apples.   

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